WordPress Maintenance Contracts


If your website uses WordPress then WordPress Core and any WordPress plugins used on your website need to be updated regularly to benefit from improvements, bug fixes and security updates. With a Circular Cube WordPress Maintenance Contract you will have the peace of mind that this is all being taken care of.

Also included are regular backups of the database and code to ensure your site’s content is always replaceable.

Maintenance Contracts

Circular Cube offers three maintenance contracts to cover the different types of WordPress websites.

Apply For a WordPress Maintenance Contract

    Please fill out this form to apply for a Wordpress maintenance contract. Circular Cube will then assess your website to see which of the above contracts is applicable and most suitable and get back in touch.

    Note: Before taking on a maintenance contract Circular Cube will assess your website to determine which plan is most suitable. For highly complex websites with lots of plugins or custom configurations, Circular Cube may determine that a bespoke plan will be required.

    Setup Fee: If you are not an existing client of Circular Cube an initial setup fee will be required in order to prepare your website for regular Wordpress updates. The fee will vary depending on the size and complexity of the website and the hosting environment used.

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