Circular Cube Website Design

Starter Package

The Circular Cube Starter Package is designed for clients who need a simple, cost effective website that doesn’t compromise on design.

Starter Package Features

250+ Layouts

Choose from a library of over 250 mobile responsive layout templates which will be adapted to your needs.

4 Pages

The Starter Package includes a home page, 2 standard pages plus a contact page, built using the content you provide. Extra pages can be added if required (see pricings below).

Colour Scheme and Fonts

Circular Cube will identify a custom colour scheme and a choice of two fonts to suit your design needs.

Domain Name Included

The Starter Package includes a free domain name which will be hosted by Circular Cube.

Wordpress Hosting

Starter Package websites are built using WordPress and include high quality, secure hosting, as well as automatic WordPress updates and site backups.

Update Your Pages

Once the website is built you can edit your pages at any time via your website dashboard. You can also send updates to Circular Cube to be done for you (fees apply).


Additional Extras

  • Blogging setup: £250 which includes instructions on how to post new blog posts yourself.
  • Privacy Policy page – £25
  • Terms & Conditions page – £25
  • Google Analytics installaltion – £50
  • Google Map to show your business location – £25

Frequent Questions

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Will the website work on mobile devices?

Yes, all starter package websites are built to be fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices.

Can I have email addresses linked to my domain?

You can have up to 5 free email forwarders linked to your domain name such as These are email addresses that will direct mail to an existing account that you own.

Alternatively you can setup email hosting with an email provider of your choice and your domain name can be pointed to this service. Examples of email providers are:


Is an SSL certificate included to keep the website secure?

To keep your website secure for users who visit, starter package websites include a free SSL certificate which means your website will load using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Will the website be optimised for search engines?

Starter Package websites will be optimized for Search Engines (SEO). As part of this Circular Cube will work with you to identify relevant keywords to use within your web pages.

Is a blog included in the starter package?

If you require blogging on your starter package website this can be added for a one off price of £250 which includes instructions on how to then post new blog posts yourselves.

Is E-Commerce included in the starter package?

E-Commerce is not available for starter package websites. However Circular Cube can offer a range of custom werbsite options so if you require E-Commerce please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Does the starter package website include Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages?

Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions pages are not included in the starter package cost. If you require pages for your Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions they can be added for a one off cost of £25 per policy page. The text for each page needs to be supplied.

Does that starter package include logo design?

The website starter package does not include logo design or branding, but if you already have a logo you would like to use then this can be added at no extra cost.

How will the text and Images be created for the website?

In order to build your starter package website you will need to provide Circular Cube with all of the text and images you wish to use. If you don’t have any or enough images the Circular Cube can provide good resources for stock photos.

From Our Clients

Some recent testimonials from clients with starter package websites

“I’d highly recommend working with Circular Cube to create a website. They provided very clear guidance and support and was very responsive to my questions, concerns and suggestions. I love the final layout and design they created. ”

Helen Lee Therapy

“We have been working with Circular Cube for many years now. When we started a new business in 2023, we came to Circular Cube for assistance in building a new site. They have been excellent throughout, with great communication, listening to our needs, and responding accordingly. We now have a fantastic website plus we know we have the support and technical backup within Circular Cube, to keep the website live and functioning.”

Leading Light Technology

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