A redesign for The Wilbury Clinic in Hove, Brighton who offer room rentals to local counsellors and therapists as well training workshops and a beautiful space for clients.

The site has been built with WordPress to allow the team to edit the content themselves. It uses a modern responsive theme to work well across different devices.

Care was taken to construct a website that was clean and simple to use for visitors.

Visit The Wilbury Clinic website

We have been surprised at how involved it was having our website made and we have been very grateful at how responsive and supportive Vali has been the whole way along; he has been infinitely patient and helpful with all our questions and ‘fine-tuning’ and we couldn’t be more pleased at the result.

Vali has created an elegant and easy to use site; his approach which prioritises simplicity (‘less is more’) and an intuitive, user friendly layout has resulted in a beautiful and professional website.

The Wilbury Clinic